Remote Coaching is an all-inclusive coaching service for athletes anywhere in the world. 

Weekly Individualized Routine

To optimize training, the routine is written for each specific athlete. Program is tailored for an individual's strengths, weaknesses, and schedule.

Unlimited video analysis

Routine analysis ensures that the Olympic lifts and assistance exercises are performed properly. Don't be held back by bad technique!

Unlimited communication 7 days/week

Regular communication assures that routines are written in agreement with athlete’s physical state.

About the Coach

Edward Baker is a USAW National coach and has coached beginners as well as competitive Weightlifters and CrossFitters competing in the National Championships, Regionals, and CrossFit Games. Edward founded the Weightlifting club at the University of Georgia (2014 Men and Women's National University Champions).


3 Training Days per week: $165/month
Unlimited: $200/ Month
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